Fees & Subsidy

Learn more about the child care and infant care fees & subsidy here


Upon confirmation of a place for your child, the following fees are payable, by NETS, in cash or via cheque:

* Uniform includes 3 sets of Polo T-shirts & Trousers, 3 sets of round-neck T-shirts & shorts
** Deposit is refundable provided there is one month advance notification of withdrawal.

Note: Monthly Programme Fees quoted is before childcare subsidy.

Childcare Subsidies

How to Register?

Parents will have to complete and submit the Registration Form together with photocopies of the following documents to Toddlers’ Cottage:

1. Child’s birth certificate

2. Medical Record Book with the Immunization papers

3. Parents’ Identity Card / Citizenship certificate / re-entry permit

4. Parents’ Letter of employment dated within one month of enrollment date. A Letter of Consent from MOM and the latest 3 months’ payslips’ are required for parent(s) who are holding Long Term Pass

5. For self-employed parents, the latest Notice of Tax Assessment or a Statutory Declaration is required.